All the truth about testosterone injections

Testosterone is a very important male hormone, which affects many life aspects besides sexual life. These are behaviour, health in general and mood. If your level of testosterone is lower than it has to be you might be prescribed to take special testosterone replacement therapy, which is really popular nowadays. There are two ways to administer injections – buttocks or thigh muscles. It depends on who will administer – you yourself or a doctor. If you are prescribed to do it yourself, then you will be able to administer injections into the thigh muscles.

Symptoms of the low level of testosterone

After the age of 30 men usually, begin to lose their testosterone with speed about one per cent every year. But it is natural process and it is impossible to stop it. The opposite situation, when you start losing your testosterone because of other problems, which are not connected with age and which can occur when you are not old. There are several symptoms, which can detect the problem:

  • erectile dysfunction;
  • loosing of sex desire;
  • depression and bad mood;
  • overweight.

If you want to diagnose the problem accurately, you need to go to a doctor because medical ways of detecting are the best. You will be asked to take a blood test and its results will be compared with the results you had years ago to understand if your testosterone level is the same or lower. It’s also important to reveal your red blood cell count because hormone therapy can increase it.

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Benefits of having hormone therapy

Surely, there are some benefits, which you will have after having got testosterone injections. They are:

  • increasing sexual desire;
  • having more energy;
  • better mood.

As a rule, women have more fat than men and it is connected with testosterone amount. If man notices his body has begun to increase fat, it means he has ‘low T’. Unfortunately, it is only noticeable when your level of testosterone fell severely. Men can get injections to correct the distribution of fat. It is also important to remember that it is not the only condition to reach the results. Men who get these injuries have to maintain their muscles strength.

If your partner wants to be pregnant it can be a huge problem with having low T. The hormone injections also can help.

What risks you have getting testosterone injections

Hormone therapy needs a really professional approach. That is why it is absolutely necessary to inform your doctor about every medical restriction and all the conditions before you start getting testosterone injections. Men who suffer from breast cancer or prostate should not take the injections because they can cause health deprivation. Men who have problems with heart must be monitored during the injections treatment as well as men whose red blood cell count is high.

No doubts, hormone therapy can help many men with low T. But before taking it, it is necessary to ask your doctor if you need it or not. If you have any suggestions about having a low T, you need to take a blood test, which will determine the level of testosterone you have.

To conclude, taking testosterone injections is a good way to treat the issue of having a low level of testosterone, but it is always necessary to be aware of your health restrictions and the restrictions of the treatment. Anyway, there are a lot of other natural ways which help to maintain the testosterone level.